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Blender is a free open source 3d content creation suite available for all major operating systems (Windows XP, Max OS X for PPC and Intel, Linux for PPC and i386, FreeBSD 5.4, SGI Irix 6.5 andSun Solaris 2.8). Blender includes 3d modeling, lighting, shading and rendering tools, rigging and animation tools, UV map unwrapping. Blender also has a physics and particle system that can be used to model physical effects including wind and vortex effects, deflection and fluids.

Blender Artists Forums is a forum where artists gather to discuss their work, post examples of it for review and even compete is different competitions.

BlenderNation offers news and tutorials about Blender.

Blender Newbies offers news, tutorials, video files for learning about Blender.

BlenderGuide is a web directory with the main goal of collecting and categorising the various websites about Blender.

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POV-Ray Persistence of Vision Raytracer

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